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Sapiosexual Solutions offers resources for those who want to work positively in the field of sexuality. It is for those who enjoy working with sex but in ways that improve society or the environment.

Adam and Eve - 19th Century. Sweden: Image Courtesy of

Adam, Eve & the Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge – Sweden

i) Sex to Save the World! – Discussion Groups: Host your own discussion group, earn a small income and enjoy enlightening talks with people! In most cultures, it is difficult to have open, honest conversations about human sexuality. This is one of our goals; to encourage friendly conversation and debate about sex and society anywhere in the world!

Based on our success in Portland, it turns out that intelligent creative people want to have ‘big picture’ discussions about the ways that sex affects society.

ii) EcoSex Entrepreneur Royalty Free Ideas:  Dysfunctional sexuality is a root cause of many of the problems in the world today. Members receive full access to our Adult Education Resources where we offer practical business-based ideas for the budding EcoSex Entrepreneur or Sex WorkerIn times of high unemployment and world recession, working with sexuality in a positive way can be a very ‘uplifting’ experience! (pun intended!)

iii) EcoSex Entrepreneur Coach & Consultation: If you have or want to develop an eco-sex business idea, you can schedule a coaching session to help turn your idea into reality!

Sapiosexual World Resources:

Adult Education for Intelligent Conversation, Personal Growth or a Future Business!

We provide free resources on this site because we believe so much in these ideas! However, as a Member, you gain access to much more adult education resources!

In the Public Zone, we have short articles from our Member Zone. To view our sapiosexual’solutions in greater depth and detail, you are welcome to Become a Member!

1) Sex & Politics

  1. Sex & Feminism – Article Summary. More Info for Members!
  2. Sex & Democracy – Article Summary. More Info for Members!
  3. Sex & Power – Members Only!

2) Sex & Religion

  1. Sex & Christianity – Article Summary. More Info for Members!
  2. Sex & Islam – Article Summary. More Info for Members!
  3. Sex & Spirituality – Article Summary. More Info for Members!
  4. Sex & Nature – Members Only!

3) Sex & Drugs

  1. Sex & Marijuana – Article Summary. More Info for Members
  2. Sex & Alcohol – Article Summary. More Info for Members
  3. Sex & Ecstasy – Members Only!

4) Sex & Violence – More Info for Members!

  1. Sex & Women – Members Only!
  2. Sex & Terrorism – Members Only!
  3. Sex & Young Men – Members Only!

5) Sex & Money

  1. Sex & Prostitution – Members Only!
  2. Sex & Work – Article Summary. More Info for Members
  3. Sex & Technology – Members Only!

6) Sex & The Media

  1. Sex & Art – Article Summary. More Info for Members
  2. Sex & Hollywood – Members Only!
  3. Sex & Advertising – Article Summary. More Info for Members
  4. Sex & Porn – Article Summary. More Info for Members

7) Sex & Culture

  1. Sex & Race – Members Only!
  2. Sex & Travel – Article Summary. More Info for Members!
  3. Sex & China – Article Summary. More Info for Members
  4. Sex & India – Members Only!
  5. Sex & Community – Article Summary. More Info for Members!

8) Sex & Society

  1. Sex & Beauty – Members Only!
  2. Sex & Healing – Members Only!
  3. Sex & Population – Article Summary. More Info for Members
  4. Sex & Homosexuality – Members Only!
  5. Sex & Bisexuality – Article Summary. More Info for Members
  6. Sex & Laughter – Members Only!

EcoSex World Member Benefits:

  1. Personal. The mind is the largest sexual organ. A sapiosexual is someone who is turned on by intelligence. Having ‘big picture’ conversations about sex is a great way to come to terms with one’s own personal sexuality. It is personal but not too personal!
  2. Social. Hosting or being a part of a Sex to Save the World discussion group is also a wonderful way to talk and socialize about sex in a fun, non-threatening way. 
  3. Political. Politics can be very personal especially when it comes to laws on sex. Many cultures in the world threaten sexual freedom in the name of ‘morality’. As the LGBTQ movement has shown, sex is a political issue. Rights must be fought for. With education about sexuality, people can engage politically or support sex-positive candidates.
  4. EcoSex Entrepreneur! Sex is one of the great last untapped areas for social entrepreneur capitalism. As an eco-sex entrepreneur, politician or activist, a person can address sexual dysfunction in human behavior. We provide research and resources for those who wish to be an EcoSex Entrepreneur!

SapioSexual Member Resources:

  1. EcoSex Entrepreneur Ideas! & Research Royalty-free ideas for products or services that use sexuality to help resolve them! Practical research on sex positivity and dysfunction in the world.
  2. Sex to Save the World Discussion Group Training Materials. Intelligent people want to talk about sex and society. They are happy to pay a small fee for the opportunity to do so in a safe, friendly environment. Members learn to host their own Sex Discussion Group to earn a small income, make friends and enjoy intellectual discussions about sex no matter where they live in the world!
  3. Adult Education! Sex is connected to so many forms of human behavior; often in a way that is dysfunctional; with societal or environmental costs. This unique collection of essays shows the many different ways that sex affects society. 

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