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Many of the articles, essays, and ideas put forth in the ebooks Sexually Incorrect and Sustainable Sexuality located at the bottom of this menu are very much raw and evolving and this is deliberately so.

Sex is an uncomfortable subject in almost every human culture. Open, tolerant discussion of sexuality is still very uncomfortable for many people no matter which country they come from. Simply talking about sexuality is often politically incorrect. However, dysfunctional sexuality causes so many other problems in society today.

This online resource is an effort to speak freely about this forbidden subject. In other words, this is NOT a politically correct ebook! We wish to encourage rather than stifle debate by taking a practical look at many of the problems facing society today and observing the connection of sex to both the problem and certain solutions.


1) Sex & Politics

  1. Sex & Feminism
  2. Sex & Power

2) Sex & Religion

  1. Sex & Islam
  2. Sex & Spirituality
  3. Sex & Nature

3) Sex & Drugs

  1. Sex & Marijuana
  2. Sex & Alcohol

4) Sex & Violence

5) Sex & Money

  1. Sex & Prostitution
  2. Sex & Work
  3. Sex & Technology

6) Sex & The Media

  1. Sex & Hollywood
  2. Sex & Advertising
  3. Sex & Porn

7) Sex & Culture

  1. Sex & Race
  2. Sex & Travel
  3. Sex & China
  4. Sex & India
  5. Sex & Community

8) Sex & Society

  1. Sex & Beauty
  2. Sex & Healing
  3. Sex & Population
  4. Sex & Homosexuality
  5. Sex & Bisexuality
  6. Sex & Laughter

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Most erotic or sexual businesses in the world today involve women! However, when it comes to certain sex industries like pornography, exotic dancing or prostitution women are often commodified and exploited.

If you are going to be an Ethical EcoSexual Entrepreneur you must address the issue of female sexual empowerment and equality also be a Feminist Entrepreneur! This is why we include access and membership to the EcoFeminist Entrepreneur site. The principles for creating a business that supports female empowerment are the same as for creating an ethical erotica enterprise!

Your membership to EcoSex Entrepreneur includes Free Access to:

A philosophical and practical set of guidelines on how to create an ethical business that supports female empowerment and gender equality in today’s world.

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Our Discussion Topics are continually updated.

As we receive new ideas, feedback and information we make adjustments to the content, so that the arguments we make and sensual solutions we put forth have greater research behind them!