Volunteer Opportunities

Portland OR: Discussion Group Volunteer Options

According to the Guardian, other media and anecdotal reports, Portland is one of the most progressive and sex-positive cities in the world today. Aside from the many erotic venues, there are discussion groups and workshops that all work with sexuality.

As a result of Portland’s liberal foundation, Mojo decided to host the first Sex to Save the World Discussion Groups in this beautiful, tolerant city.

Volunteer Options for Free Attendance to Meetups!

We charge a fee of $10 for each discussion group. However, we offer a Volunteer program to attend the group for free in Portland:

1) Meetup Setup and Check-ins: Help to set up, do check-ins and help to close down. You can then attend the discussion group free of charge! Limited to 2 volunteers per session.

2) Research and Writing Volunteer. We are always doing updates, proofreading, and writing of content of these discussion groups. Some of the subjects we are working on can be found on our home page. For 2 hours of writing and research, which you can do at home, you can attend any discussion group for free!

Portland Slutwalk 2016

Portland Femme Power! Slutwalk 2016!

From our new base in Portland, we offer a number of Community, Activist, Feminist, Environmental and Sex Positive educational and volunteer web-based resources with our EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Web Portfolio.

If you have related skills, education or experience you may apply to work as a Volunteer, Intern and specialize in Writing & Research!

If you live in Portland OR, you can also apply to be a volunteer at our Sex to Save the World Discussion Group and attend for free!